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I’ve worked with Elizabeth Rahe since 1990, when she was an assistant editor for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Lifestyle section. Working with Liz always is a delight – she is one of the most consistently creative, professional and caring editors I know. Our writers enjoy working with her because she always makes their stories better. (Including me – I always ask her to read my stories before publication!) She’s a fine writer in her own right as well – she has been a regular contributor to the Sun-Sentinel’s magazine, City & Shore, for the past 11 years. The range of her stories is amazing – from covers on notable celebrities to architectural/design stories to food and fine dining stories. She’s written all with the same craft, attention to detail and accuracy. She is, in short, an exceptional editor, writer and creative presence.

Mark Gauert

Editor of City & Shore Magazine

Elizabeth Rahe worked extensively for me from 1988-90 when I was the food editor for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Of all the people I have worked with in my 25-plus career in newspapers, Elizabeth was among the best and brightest. She was a talented writer from the beginning, and it was truly a pleasure seeing her evolve into a food journalist whom readers could trust to provide them with accurate and well reported information. She became an adept recipe tester and stylist, and her ability to share her personal experiences in the kitchen with warmth, clarity and humor earned her a solid following. Elizabeth’s work was consistently clean and on time; generally she required little editing, but on those occasions when a story did get sent back for revisions, she did so with the utmost professionalism.

Susan Puckett

Author and former Atlanta Journal-Constitution Food & Drink/Better Health editor

Elizabeth Rahe reported directly to me at the Orange County Register. In the three years after she joined the staff in an entry-level copy editing position, she moved to a daily newspaper copy editing position, then to a high-level design position and finally to the job of food editor. Of special note was her work creating the new Preview tabloid, an entirely new format for the Friday entertainment section. Throughout this complicated process, she showed creativity, calm and attention to detail. Looking back at my 23 years at The Register before my retirement in 2006, I consider Ms. Rahe to be among the best of a marvelous group of colleagues.

Blair Charnley
, San Clemente, CA

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